Thursday, October 1, 2009

Water Storage Tanks For Good and Bad health

One day a wealthy man inherited his wealth to his son because it was his son’s birth right but he spent it in few months. And balance was stolen. Likewise we always say that it is our right to have adequate water from local Municipal Corporations. But how many of us optimize its use in a hygienic manner.

Municipal corporation gives us water but what happens to it after it enters our premises.

First it gets contaminated through leaky and rusted G. I. Pipes. I have seen many cases where occupants of the building going to BMC for short supply of water but they don’t bother to check the amount of water metered and amount of water actually used. Not only wastage of money but also end up paying doctor’s bills due to contamination on its way from water meter till tapping points or water storage tanks.

How many readers know that water tanks also should comply with the norms of Pest Control Department of BMC.

Let me give you some guidelines. The tanks should be easily accessible. Underground tank should be 450mm above the finished paving level to prevent the external water from entering, should have overflow pipe of adequate size with mosquito proof gating. Cover should also be of mosquito proof having proper locking arrangements. Cover should not be placed in one corner of the tank which can create problems for the pest control officer to take the samples of the water for analyses.

Should have either strong ladder or steps for inspections and cleaning every three months.

Should be minimum 10 to 12 meters away from septic tank/soak pits.

Tanks should have automatic water closing device like float valve or float switch for pump deliveries.

Good clean Tanks Can Save You From Many Diseases.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shower Bath?

We have seen many movies where heroes or heroines were killed under shower. We surely wouldn’t like to be dying that way. Intellectuals all around the world are into the research of use and abuse of water. Colorado institute had made extensive studies on shower bathing and results showed that shower not only showers water on your body but also showers slow killing bacterium on your face and enters your lungs. They are the breeding places for bacterium which could blast when water passes through them. This can cause cough and other related respiratory problems

Researches also say that if you are taking first shower you are probably getting high load of Mycobacterium avium, which can be very unhealthy; some precedents were also noticed for concern regarding pathogens and shower heads. For their study, the researchers, in advanced countries where it is said that the quality of water is good, had tested some showers. 35 to 40% of them were found having this problem, which had given lung infections as well.

There can be many ways to avoid this. Let some water pass before you take shower.

Can we afford it when we hear about water cuts and read save water hoardings, especially after reading letter from great grandson (see previous article).

Average shower (mind you these are not rain showers) consumes about 7 litres per minute and corporation gives you only 45 litres per day. Jaago India Jaago

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The First Post

The trial post, please ignore